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The vocals from the LAOS cast can rival any professionals.


Broken Legs Blog

For a nonstop musical performance, it was simply note perfect.


Lauren in Leicester

As a hotbed for new talent to get stage time, it excelled.

More of this please!

I ❤️ Musicals

Niche Magazine

The whole evening was delivered with passion and love for musicals that was evident in each performance.

I ❤️ Musicals

Beyond the Curtain

A community theatre company packed full of talented singers, dancers and actors



The singing throughout is top class with some fine and moving amateur voices giving their emotional all.


East Midlands Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar is a challenging musical to pull of but LAOS has done it justice.

Jesus Christ Superstar


LAOS's production of this show was a joy from start to finish

Jesus Christ Superstar


I was especially struck by the choreography, which was fast, slick, and of an uncompromisingly high standard.

The Wedding Singer


This was Summer Holiday at its very best.

Summer Holiday


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